Most Frequently Ask Questions

1. What is Express Technology?
Express Technology is a Venture of Express Media and Limbus technology pvt ltd, working in software and Digital Marketing industry since 2011.

2. What is purpose of creating
Company want seperate portal other then their main portal which they can fully work based on "Affiliates and "Digital Network Marketing"

3. IT is MLM kind of Business
No, It is not pure MLM but we adopt some marketing income distribution process. IT is DIGITAL AFFILIATE MARKETING kind of Business.

4. How can i make mony after joining this Business
You can earn money in various ways after joining this Business
  • If you Invite other to becomes our "Digital Business Associate" or you can say through Team Building.
  • To work with our Business Ventures(
  • You can start your own Portals(Matrimony, Real Estate, News, Classified, Elearning).
5. What is your Company experience?
We have multiple field of Experience since 2011:
  • We have Created more then 500+ projects for customers
  • We have Trained 1000+ various student and professionals in Digital and software Training
  • We have more then 100+ Active Customer.
We have very diversified experience and well professional Management with highest degree of Business and Technology Knowledge.

6. What is Process of Joining?
Joining is free, you need existing partner ID to process of joining

7. Why you are different then others?
We all know Digital and Software are Booming industry, also our vast experience make more competitive then other.

1. How i Purchase "Digital Learning Bundle".
You need to Request for fund then after receiveing fund, you can activate your account by paying Rs.2500(Including GST)

2. Can I use my debit/ATM card to make payment to fill my wallet?
Currently this facility not available, but in future you can fill your wallet

3. What i will get?
You will be authorised "Digital Business Associate", where you will get
  • Industries Most advanced Video Based "Digital Marketing Training Course"
  • Rs. 1500 Shopping wallet Balance where you can shop products from our store
  • Other 100's types income you can earn once you acquire"Digital Marketing Skill"
  • Discount price company portal where you can start your own online Business

1. How my payout or commission will generate
When you refer someone or just do process of selling company software and digital products and as per Business plan your commission will generate.

2. When i can get withdrawn my commission.
Minimum Rs.500 you can withdrawn. Within 24 hour commission will credit on your account

3. Can i activate other user ID from my wallet balance
Yes, you can activate other user's ID if you have wallet balance.

1. Where can i find my Shopping wallet Balance?
In your member panel left side you can see shopping wallet balance, get instant Rs.2000 when you activate your account.

2. How can i used shopping wallet balance?
When you buy any products from our website, 20% will deduct from shopping wallet and 80% from your main Fund wallet.

3. When i get delivered of My products?
As per courier policy within 10 days you will get delivery of your desire products
4. How many products do you have?
Currently we have 200+ products
1. After learning can you provide job assistence?
Yes, our DIGI learn apps contents Study notes and various interview questions. Also we frequently upload videos related to interview preperation.

2. I have my own Business, how will i get benefit from Digital Marketing
  • Yes, 100% when can implement Digital marketing strategy in your own Business and will see difference
  • We have seperate video related to local Business Promotion where you can implement all strategy
  • You can ask directly any question to our expert or forum where we try to solve your query.

3. What was the Digital COurse syllabus
  • There are expected 100+ hour of Video Contents
  • There are 16 Main Module from Basic to advance
  • For more detail you can Download course contents.

4. I am too old, can it help me to financial freedom.
  • Learning never ending process, Digital Marketing is the most Demanding field now this time
  • After learning you can start your own agency and offer services to your local area
  • if you are student or doing job then this will provide you valuable growth is your career.
  • if you are unemployee then here is the best choice to learn and earn with us

5. Can you help me to setup my own Business if i acquire All necessory skill.
Defenitely, we love to help anyone those who want to start their own Business, Even we personally mentor you to setup your own Business. Our Business stand fro same mission to create Digital Entrepreneur,

6. IF i need more advance coaching and Training can i get it offline?
Yes, you have to visit our office and stay their to attend our offline training.

7. Where to Download Digi Learn Apps?
You can download apps from google android playstore

8. Who is main Trainer for Digital Marketing
Our companies founder Mr. Gopesh Turkar will be main Trainer who has posses more then 12+ Year experience in Software and Digital

9. All videos are recorded?
Yes, All videos are prerecorded. New videos are also frequently update as per new happening in the market.

10. My other family member can learn through same account.
Yes, Your family member also learn through same ID. But if our software detect Various IP fro your account then it will be block.