In india over 120+ crore mobile user, 70+ crore internet user, over 3+ crore Traders, retailers .

India becomes emerging hubs of Digital and technology Startups. In recent within a span of 10 year, Tech startup has create history and making life easy through their innovative solution.

Our core experience since 2011 we have developed various portal such as Matrimony, real Estate, Travel Booking, News Portal, Classified Portal, Social media Portal , CRM software and many more. Our solution is cost effectiveand very usefull for small Business owner or those who want to start their own Business in this category. We want to create Digital Workforce for marketing and consultant through their digital skill development and training. After gaining useful degital skill any associate can start their own portal or work with our other venture(

Due to current pendemic situation Digital and technology space becomes more popular.

At Express Technology, we follow the same path of digital connectivity that touches every humans life.