India rank second in mobile user, third in internet user and second in population.

Basic need of human Now a days…

Come together and create our destination with Make in India and Digital India

Technology Driven

We know future is belongs to around Technology. This industry has been generation crores of Jobs and Trillion Dollar revenue. We proudly to say we are just contribution our efforts to change people live forever.

Now a days we hear lot about Digital, Technology and opportunity generated through Digital India mission. Thanks to our present government initiative which brings DIGITAL and TECHNOLOGY word more familiar for common people.

We follow government obligation

Express Technology concept is design to consider government regulation and policies. We strictly follow government rules and regulation and design plan to consider future obligation.

Simple and Futuristic Business Concept

Our simple and easy to understand business module provide real Business opportunity for everyone. Either you are hard core networker, Marketers, Student, Retire, salaried, self-employed, Housewife or any individual searching business opportunity can join and earn handsome income from most growing Digital field.

Why we choose Digital and Technology

The Management and team have successive proven record in Digital and technology field. Management has over 5 + year successive experience in software and digital technology add more credibility in Business.

If we talking about world top 20 companies, most of them belongs to Technology and software field such as MICROSOFT, APPLE, GOOGLE, FACEBOOK, TCS, INFOSYS and many more. Within short span of time these companies have done tremendous growth and providing employment to crores of people across the globe.

Traditional concept Vs. Express Technology Business Concept

  • Concentrate to selling relative, friend and near people
  • Limited expansion scope
  • Limited future growth
  • Over cost of product
  • Selling in door to door
  • Restricted area of working
  • Selling third party product
  • Too much critical plan
  • Difficult to understand for other then networker
  • Choice by forcing people not for desire
  • Extensive Travelling
  • Here opportunity to promote anyone through the power of internet
  • Unlimited expansion scope, even government concentrating on fundamental to DIGITAL EMPLOYEMENT.
  • High future growth and demanding
  • Competitive cost and high margin
  • No need to selling one to one, our various promotional tools make easy selling of product
  • All india can be one market, no area of restriction.
  • Own companies services, no third party involved
  • Easy and simple business plan for everyone
  • Easy to understand for non networking people also.
  • Recharge and other services are need of people.
  • Not much travel require to promote business, all demos and system are online